Multiple Windows 7 Crashes (Possibly Resolved)

My laptop has crashed 3 times in the last 24 hours on my Asus G73J with Win7.

  • I usually put it into hibernate over night, but left it awake and in a power saving mode to allow it to finish syncing with a server.  The next morning it was off.
  • Put it to sleep while not in use.  Came back and it was off.
  • Don’t recall the 3rd incident… Probably similar to the 2nd.

So now I’m trying to determine what’s happening and have come across some interesting tools and links.

NirSoft BlueScreenView

  • Got this to analyze the “.dmp” files being produced.  Gives me some info, but after just a few minutes of using it (and obviously becoming a quick expert), it does not appear to provide a root cause of my problem.
  • Looks like it can call a “DumpChk” utility.  Vaguely familiar with this.  I believe its part of a Windows SDK package

Windows SDK Package

  • Found the listed pages to help go further than BlueScreenView
  • Installed the Windows SDK via the instructions on the 2nd link
    • I did get an error for my first install and it is resolved with this page:
    • I had to 2010 versions installed.  I only uninstalled the one that was greater and it worked.
    • Not sure I need to reinstall yet though… Also, after a quick look I could not find it on MS’s website.
  • Now to keep following the first link’s instructions.
    • Instructions from the links about could have been better.  Looked like he was running a linux command, but he was really in the WinDbg program already.
    • Found this link as helpful:

Windows Autoruns

  • In my searching, I found this utility from MS.  Looks like it may be useful… Maybe not for this issue, but still useful.  It analyzes all “startup” programs.  One potential and interesting use is that it supposedly can tell you what programs are being autoran but not longer exist or cannot be found or any other reason why the configured path does not work…

 Possible Resolution

  • So my analysis basically circled back to a driver that I already knew about… I guess I learned some new stuff, so that’s good.
  • Everything pointed to my crashes being caused by:  NETw5s64.sys
    • Googling suggests this is an Intel Wireless driver and said to make sure its updated and suggested using this Intel page:
  • Now time will tell if this resolved my issue… I’m done with troubleshooting for the day. 🙂

How to move Win7 Offline Files


I’ve found the following to work well. I would advise to create a restore point prior to doing the following.

  1. Create a folder for your offline file cache. Something like D:\Offline.
  2. From an elevated command prompt type the following: Takeown /r /f C:\Windows\CSC
  3. Open the Sync Center and go to Manage Offline Files.
  4. Click Disable Offline Files and restart the machine.
  5. From an elevated command prompt issue the following commands.
    1. rd /s C:\Windows\CSC
    2. mklink /J C:\Windows\CSC “D:\Offline” (or whatever you folder name is, but be sure to use the quotations if you have a space in the name)
  6. Reopen the Manage Offline Files window and Enable Offline Files.
  7. Restart the machine

All files/folders that are made available offline should now be redirected to whichever folder you specified.