WHS 2011 Install

The install of WHS 2011 went pretty smoothly.

Biggest issue was a little static electricity that froze the system during the install.  Had to start over, but was not far in, so not a big loss. No hardware lost either (silver lining!).

The install automatically partitions the main drive, with no option to change.  Other than the feeling of losing control, I can understand this decision.

The install DOES require a network connection to perform.  Not sure why during… Afterwards when needing to do all the updates (and there are a good number) sure… But during?

I was worried that the Shuttle BIOS would not like the lack of a monitor / keyboard / mouse connected post-install, but it did not complain a bit.  Win!

I did disable “Shadow Copies” on my drives.  Primarily to reduce space usage since I cannot just add more drives to increase space (and got the biggest 2.5″ drives I could find).  We’ve never had a need for this feature, so its not a big loss.

The client connector installs were very time consuming.  The wizard says it could take 30 mins or more… Try well over 1 hour with little feedback that things are even working.  At least this time, patience worked.

One Issue / Resolution: I did hit a small snag when installing the client connector software.  I believe it may have been a conflict with the old client connector software, which I had already removed as a first step.  However, it kept saying that it could not install because of another software install was happening (or something like that).  So I restarted and that solved the problem. I guess there was something still hanging around from the uninstall.

My new WHS 2011

Had an HP EX485 running Windows Home Server.

We liked it.

It died.

Took the opportunity to get my hands dirty…

  • 4 GB DDR3 1333 G.SKILL Ripjaws
  • Intel Core i3-2120T (wanted low power)
  • 2 x Seagate 750GB 7200/16MB 2.5″ Mobile SATA HD
  • Shuttle XH61 Slim Barebone – Intel H61 Chipset
  • Microsoft Windows Home Server (WHS) 2011

Some Thoughts:

  • Used an external DVD drive for the install
    • Tried to use a USB key, but it did not work quickly, so moved on
  • No room for expansion beyond 2 2.5″ hard drives.
    • It should last a few years though and 2.5″ drives should get bigger…
    • Or I’ll build a 2nd server…
    • Or a replacement
  • The case has 4 SATA ports… But only room for 2 drives.  🙁
    • But it is quiet…
    • And small