G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack, Meet Kaizen Foam

I decided to get a new range bag, and after a bit of searching and uncertainty, ordered the GPS Handgunner Backpack.  (And of course its price has dropped since I last looked!)

GPS Handgunner Backpack

It has really good reviews and has pockets for all the basics.  The one part I was not sure about was whether I’d really be able to get my handguns into the compartment and its (very sturdy feeling) foam tray comfortably.

GPS Foam Tray

And once I got it, I found that my concerns were justified.  5″+ guns do not fit well.  And add in an optical sight (even a relatively small one) or the extra width of a revolver’s cylinder and things just did not fit.

But I decided to try another solution first before returning the bag.  It won’t fit 4 handguns as the bag is designed, but I think I’ll ultimately be able to squeeze in 3 (is that a good excuse to buy another gun?)., but it looks like its going to work out well.

I bought some Kaizen foam, cut it into rectangles for the guns to sit horizontally (instead of vertically) and then cut out space for each gun.


Just finished all that.  I haven’t taken it to the range to give things a real whirl yet, but I’m happy with how things turned out.


The one thing I still want to do is glue a very thin piece of wood to the bottom of each piece of foam.  I think that could be good for taking the foam blocks out and setting them down on things at the range.

My 3 day weekend can now be considered successful.  😉

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