The Idea: Garage Storage Re-Do

Not long after we moved into our home we realized that shelving was needed for the garage.  So we put up some very simple, but very sturdy shelving.  It needed to hold way too many plastic tubs as well as whatever else we could fit up there.

They were good and have served us well and would continue to serve us well, but we’re of the belief that we can do better.  Especially since we are barely able to have enough room to walk through… usually.

And so the research started.  There are many options out there and I was almost leaning toward simple metal free-standing shelves.  Most of the wall mount options either did not give a good estimate for how much weight they could hold or they were not deep enough.

Then I came across a DIY plan for some garage shelving and since it includes sliding doors, of course my significant other voted for the option of being able to hide things.

Source:  The Family Handyman

The design described and illustrated was very close to what we would need and so we moved out of the research phase and into the design.

It was close and 90% of the design is exactly what we need, but our design does change a couple of things beyond some simple dimension adjustments.

  • Depth is increased by about 6″.  This will allow more tub storage as they can be stored depth wise.
  • Not wall mounted.  Building on top of cap blocks has a couple of benefits.
    1. Moves the weight from the wall/studs to the floor
    2. Allows even the top of the unit to be used for storage
  • (Possible) Plywood backing

And so, here are the initial drawings that I’m planning to use…








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