Garage Workbench #2

Similar to my first workbench, I needed to create a 2nd.

A couple of differences though:

  • Meant to hold a miter saw
    • 2nd table’s height was designed so that with a miter saw on top, the top of the miter saw is flush with the top of my first workbench
  • Table dimensions are smaller
  • Added a lower shelf

Here’s the basic design:



  • Same basic materials as my first workbench
    • Used 8 Strong-Tie connectors this time though
    • Originally got a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood from the first workbench, so re-used leftovers for the top and shelf
  • Lower shelf is against the lower crossbars
    • Meant to hold a shop-vac, with the intention of hooking it up to my miter saw
  • Added middle crossbars, similar to the plans of that inspired my design, but did not use that for the shelf support.
    • Long bars only have 2 screws into the brackets on left and right sides (none on the inside). ¬†This is to allow the bars to be removed easily for access.
  • Used pronged tee nuts and associated hardware to secure miter saw

 Project Finish:


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