Synology My Old Backup Cleanup Script

Since I created my own rsync backup solution for my Synology DS’s, I knew I’d need a script to cleanup and remove the older incremental backups.

The good thing is that since I’m using rsync’s “–link-dest” option, it should be pretty straight forward to cleanup old backups. ¬†Every incremental backup is really a full backup, so just delete the oldest directories.

At least, that’s my theory…

I now have over 30 days of backups, so I was able to create and test a script that follows my theory.

I’ve only run this script manually at this point. ¬†Since I’m actually deleting entire directories, I’m somewhat cautious in creating a new cron job to run this automatically.

# Updated:
# Changes
# -

# Set to the max number of backups to keep

# Base directory of backups
dirBackups="/volume1/<directory containing all your backups>"

# Command to sort backups
# sorts based on creation time, oldest
# at the top of the list
cmdLs='ls -drc1'

# Count the number of total current backups
# All my backups start with "In"
cntBackups=`$cmdLs ${dirBackups}/In* | wc -l`

# Create the list of all backups
# All backups start with "In"
vBackupDirs=`$cmdLs ${dirBackups}/In*`


for myD in $vBackupDirs
# Meant to be a safety mechanism
# that will hopefully kick in if the other
# test fails for some reason
tmpCnt=`$cmdLs ${dirBackups}/In* | wc -l`

if [ $tmpCnt -le 14 ]; then

# Main removal code
# If wanting to test first
# comment the "rm" line and uncomment the "echo" line
# echo $myD
rm -rf $myD

# Track how many directories have been deleted

# Check to see if the script should exit
if [ $((cntBackups-vCnt)) -le $vMaxBackups ]; then