Synology Custom Daily Cron

Synology DSM 4.0/1 appears to only come with a single crontab file.  There is no implementation for a daily cron directory (that I can find).

So I created my own.

Configure /etc/crontab

  • Open /etc/crontab for editing
  • Add:  “0       1       *       *       *       root    for myCsh in `ls /<your directory path>/cron/cron.daily/*.sh`; do $myCsh;done > /dev/null 2>&1
    • Don’t forget to put in your real directory path above
    • Must use tabs (NOT spaces) between fields.
    • Spaces in the final field (that starts with “for myCsh” are OK
    • The above has the “for” loop being run every day at 1AM
  • Save
  • Restart cron for changes to take effect
    • synoservice –stop crond
    • synoservice –start crond

Configure Cron Daily Directories

  • These are the directories referenced by the above “for” loop
  • Example:  /<something>/cron/cron.daily
  • cd cron.daily
  • Create
    • Needed so that if no real scripts are in the directory, the cron “for” loop will not throw any errors
    • Just having an executable file is enough, it does not even need anything in it
    • touch
    • chmod 755


The cron.daily directory is where I put a script that calls my incremental rsync backup script.

I also created a “cron.test” directory for testing different things.  I usually have its line commented out in crontab, but it follows the same concept as above.

Extra Credit

When I was creating this, I wanted some reassurance that the crontab was actually working as expected, so I created a simple script that when ran creates another file in the cron.daily directory with a date time of the last run.

  • I put the “_” in the name so the file should be the first executed by the “for” loop

shDir="$( cd "$( dirname "$0" )" && pwd )"

rm $shDir/*.lastrun

touch $shDir/`date +%Y-%m-%dT%H%M`.lastrun


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