WHS 2011 Install

The install of WHS 2011 went pretty smoothly.

Biggest issue was a little static electricity that froze the system during the install.  Had to start over, but was not far in, so not a big loss. No hardware lost either (silver lining!).

The install automatically partitions the main drive, with no option to change.  Other than the feeling of losing control, I can understand this decision.

The install DOES require a network connection to perform.  Not sure why during… Afterwards when needing to do all the updates (and there are a good number) sure… But during?

I was worried that the Shuttle BIOS would not like the lack of a monitor / keyboard / mouse connected post-install, but it did not complain a bit.  Win!

I did disable “Shadow Copies” on my drives.  Primarily to reduce space usage since I cannot just add more drives to increase space (and got the biggest 2.5″ drives I could find).  We’ve never had a need for this feature, so its not a big loss.

The client connector installs were very time consuming.  The wizard says it could take 30 mins or more… Try well over 1 hour with little feedback that things are even working.  At least this time, patience worked.

One Issue / Resolution: I did hit a small snag when installing the client connector software.  I believe it may have been a conflict with the old client connector software, which I had already removed as a first step.  However, it kept saying that it could not install because of another software install was happening (or something like that).  So I restarted and that solved the problem. I guess there was something still hanging around from the uninstall.

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